Sites Buyers Love

If you can’t beat them, help them. If buyers want to investigate on their own, here are some great sites to suggest. Listings of available properties in your area help buyers pinpoint what they want and what they can afford. The site also contains homebuying tips, moving information, and market updates.

Google Maps. Buyers can pinpoint the location of properties, get directions, and view images of the neighborhood.

TIP: Add a list of helpful links to your site. Inquire if the sites will link back to your site, called a “reciprocal link,” at no charge. You gain great free promotion and provide a great service for buyers. Environmentally concerned buyers can search by Zip code for possible toxicities in the area. Every aspect of moving is covered from information about the new area to how to find a mover. Links to other useful real estate-related sites. The American Society of Home Inspectors lists professionals by Zip code and gives tips for residential inspections.

TIP: Some states license home inspectors. Learn more by reading 12 Questions Buyers Should Ask the Home Inspector. Calculators, glossary, and online applications help buyers determine what they can afford before they shop.

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