Penn Manor School District

Why is it getting harder to find a good home in Penn Manor School District. Well homes for sale in Penn Manor School District this past Quarter has been the most search. People have been looking to buy a home in the Penn Manor School District more then any other School District in Lancaster County. This is based off our website states. School Taxes are lower in Penn Manor School District then in some of the other surrounding school districts in the are. Penn Manor School District is in Manor Township Lancaster, PA. There are a lot of first time home buyers that buy in this school district. You have some nice homes at or below the average home cost in the local area. Georgetown Hills is a nice area where a lot of first time home buyers pick up there first home. They are semi detached homes ranging from 1,050sq foot to about 1,400 sq foot with additions people have done to them over the years. The average home price is about $120,000. This is a good range for first time home buyers. Now you can still find some home from time to time in Georgetown Hills from $89,900 through $179,000 based on condition and additions. The base home at the 120’s is a 3 bedroom 1.5 bath home.

Lot’s of times when people then look to move up just out side of  Georgetown Hills is a development that has some small to medium-sized single family homes. These range from 150’s to 250’s based on the size and condition of the home. People like the area due to the ability to move up to a  larger home over the years with out having to change much for there children. All of the homes discussed are all in walking distance of year other. There children don’t have to make new friend or change schools over the years.

The next great this about this area in Penn Manor is there is a large public park Charlestown Park. There is a back entrance to the park from the Georgetown hills developments so children don’t have to walk out onto the main road and walk down to the park. This give grown ups a good place to jog and be safe with out traffic and there is plenty of black top paths that you can teach the kids how to ride that first bike.

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