Now Hiring for our All New Octylic Program

 Our All New Octylic Program

8 Agent form the Octylic
3 Agents are Dedicated Listing Agents
4 Agents are Dedicated Buyers Agents
1 Agent is a Dedicated Admin


This is a mix of new to business and seasoned agents. So if you’re looking to get started in Real Estate or you’re a high producer that needs a group of agents to help or you’re an agent that just does a few deals a year but is great with admin work we are looking for you for our next Octylic Build.

This Octylic will feed a breath as one. Everyone gets paid on every deal. So 8 averages agents turn into a regular weekly check.

We help to guide the set up of the Octylic. The Octylic determines how everyone is getting paid. We help with training, teaching, coaching, and mentoring. Your Octylic works to build a massive pipeline.

Our suggestion but is not in any way what the Octylic has to do is

all commissions that, are paid to the Octylic we suggest a break down in 10ths

1/10 to each octylic member

2/10 into marketing and or fees for the Octylic

example 1 8 agent Octylic closes 2 houses this week Commission paid to Octylic is 5,000 for a buyer closing and 4,300 for a seller closing = total paid this week to the Octylic is 9,300. Under our example each Agent would get paid 930.00 this week and the Octylic would have $1,860 to spend on Marketing or business development.

Example 2 everything is the same as above and there is no marketing or business development budget out of every pay then we would suggest splitting in 8ths that would look like 1,162.50 to each agent.

With a Octylic of 8 Agents we find that closing 8 -15 deals a month is average for an Octylic are you up for the challenge to break the record.

Are you up to the Challenge of making $100k a year or more.


Then call us today to set up a time to meet.

We will give among many things to the Octylic but most of all a Wifi Based phone for everyone to work from home or the office and have there Octylic at their finger tips.

Stop working from your Cell phone and start Running this like a business with a Business phone.


Call today 717-947-7041 ext 101