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You can get reliable homes for sale with out going to those other websites that people make untrue postings for. The homes for sale on our website are right from the MLS. This is the same service all your local Realtor’s use to show you homes. We are providing all the information to you to use at home in your free time to find a home. 85% of all home buyers and sellers find there next home online prior to calling a Realtor. The problem is that when they find it and call the Realtor they find out it was sold 2yrs ago or it was not for sale in the first place or there Y estimator they where looking at online gave them an untrue price for the home. We update our website 3 times a day with all the new listings and take the ones down that have sold. This way your not looking at a home for 2 weeks thinking you like it and when you call to make an offer or for us to show you the home it’s sold. You can search by zip codes, street address, beds and bath. you can search 100000 – 200000 or any one at a time. For those investors you can search for multi-units just change the drop down from Residential to multi-unit. or for a Lease change it to Commercial Lease.

If you have any questions or need help to find a home for sale in Lancaster County PA please call us or email. Please stop by and look at the VIP Services we have with Companies that we trust and have use in the past. Remember the first step in buying a home is to speak with a lender and we have a few VIP Lenders.

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17022, 17501, 17502, 17503, 17504, 17505, 17506, 17507, 17508, 17509, 17512, 17516, 17517, 17518, 17519, 17520, 17521, 17522, 17527, 17528, 17529, 17532, 17533, 17534, 17535, 17536, 17537, 17538, 17540, 17543, 17545, 17547, 17549, 17550, 17551, 17552, 17554, 17555, 17557, 17560, 17562, 17563, 17564, 17565, 17566, 17567, 17568, 17569, 17570, 17572, 17575, 17576, 17578, 17579, 17580, 17581, 17582, 17583, 17584, 17585, 17601, 17602, 17603, 17604, 17605, 17606, 17607, 17608, 19310, 19330, 19344, 19362, 19363, 19365, 19501

Most people search by zip codes to find there next home. This may not be the best way to do it. School District is one of the top items families look at. So the question would be why do more people not search by School District like these.

Home Search by School District

We can help you find any home for sale. Cocalico School District is a great little area in Lancaster County. Columbia Boro School District is in the town of Columbia. It is a small town on the west side of Lancaster County. Part of the town buts up against the Susquehanna River. Conestoga Valley School District is in the south-west side of Lancaster County and can also but up to the Susquehanna River. This is a quiet laid back part of the county. Donegal School District is in the heart of Lancaster County. Great schools with many things for children to do. Donegal School District is very active in sports. Eastern Lancaster School District is a very nice school district just outside of the main town. Eastern Lancaster School District also is a great location for buying a home in Lancaster County.  Elizabethtown Area School District is in the north-west side of Lancaster County with very close roads that can get you in and out of Harrisburg very fast. Ephrata Area School District is in the north central area of the county with great access to 222 running north and south. Ephrata Area School District is also very close to the Pennsylvania Turn Pike for those who are traveling a lot for work.  Hempfield School District is just to the north of Lancaster City boasting great connections for travel and Hempfield also has a very good sports program for children.  Lampeter – Strasburg School District is just to the south side of Lancaster City. This School District also is providing some great expansions in homes and have added new construction to this school district.  Lancaster City School District is in the heart of Lancaster. This school district covers Lancaster City Proper and the downtown. This school district offers city living at its finast with its growth in the arts.  Lancaster Township School District just wraps around the north-west side of Lancaster city. This area can give you homes that are just outside of town. Yet close enough to grab the bus with out starting your car.  Manheim Township  Central School District, is to the north-east of town. Many people know Manheim from the car Auctions. Very quite area of the county. Manheim offers some great schools and country living.  Octorara Area School District is in southern Lancaster County. If you like the clippity clop of hearing the horses ride by pulling wagons this is a great school district to live in. You can find horses wondering all over the Lancaster County. Octorara has many families that enjoy using horses for there main means of traveling.   Penn Manor School District, is just outside of Lancaster County surrounding Millersville College. Those that live in Penn Manor will tell you they are the home a great school district. Penn Manor as with many other school district in Lancaster have strived to limit increases to taxes over the years.   Pequea Valley School District, cover a large part of the lower part of Lancaster county.  Solanco School District, you could find a home in solanco school district and enjoy the rolling hills in the farmlands to the south of Lancaster city.  Warwick School District, will bring with it a great education for your children and promote it’s self with many after school activities for your children.